Tutankhamun’s tomb


Tutankhamun, Egyptological

pronunciation Tutankhamen, was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was the last of his royal family to rule during the end of the 18th dynasty during the New Kingdom of Egyptian history. His father was the pharaoh Akhenaten, believed to be the mummy found in the tomb KV55



Is this trip right for you?

·         Egypt can get hot in the summer months of July and August. The good news is it's mostly dry heat, and easier to handle than humidity. Wherever possible, you'll be seeing the sights in the morning before it gets too intense.

·         Travelling on a felucca is awesome, but it's not for everyone. You will be sharing a sleeping area with your fellow group members for the night and shared bathroom facility on board

·         Some of the sites you'll visit have rocky and/or steep hillsides. Solid walking shoes are essential, plus anything to shade you from those rays – a hat, sunscreen, long sleeves. If you don't feel up to it on a hot day, you can decide to not take part, or wander at your own pace.

·         Egypt nights can get chillier than you think, particularly from December to February. Remember to pack at least some warm clothes.

Day 1: Cairo

Welcome to Cairo. You will meet with your trip leader and the rest of your group at 6 pm this evening. Check for a note in the hotel lobby or ask the hotel reception for the location. If you're going to be late, just let the hotel know. If you arrive early enough, go immerse yourself in the madness: grab a pair of authentic Roy Bands sunnies from the bazaar, embrace the kitsch world of Dr Ragab's Pharaonic Village, then share a sahlab (sweet, hot custard drink with nuts) and p'raps a sheesha pipe with your new travel buddies.


  • Hotel (1 night)

Meals Included

There are no meals included on this day.

Special Information

Optional Activities: all listed optional trips listed do not include transport or a local guide. Please speak to your trip leader for more details on how to organise these.

Day 2: Cairo – Pyramids – Sphinx

Today you'll take a trip to the Egyptian Museum to see the golden mask of none other than King Tutankhamun. Drive out to the edge of the desert and explore the pyramids and the nearby Sphinx (nobody's quite sure how it lost its nose). Later, with free time, there are plenty of further options, like visiting the Valley Temple of King Khafre (Chephren). In the evening, it's time for your sleeper train to Aswan (Sleeper Train to Aswan sounds a bit like the title of an adventure novel, doesn't it? Just you wait).


  • Overnight sleeper train (1 night)

Included Activities

  • Cairo - The Egyptian Museum
  • Cairo - Pyramids and Sphinx

Optional Activities

  • Cairo - Camel ride at the Pyramids - EGP150
  • Cairo - The Egyptian Museum Mummy Room (entry fee) - EGP150
  • Cairo - Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids (entry fee) - EGP1100
  • Cairo - The 2nd Pyramid of Khafre (entry fee) - EGP100
  • Cairo - The Great Pyramid of Cheops (entry fee) - EGP400

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Day 3: Aswan

Enjoy some breakfast, then put on your haggling hat (or just a regular hat, we don't mind) for a trip to the bazaar. Grab useful stuff like books, cotton tops and sunhats for your upcoming Nile cruise. Splurge on fun stuff like perfume oil, leather bags and jewellery just for the heck of it.


  • Hotel (1 night)

Optional Activities

  • Aswan - Felucca Sail - EGP75
  • Aswan - Nubian Museum (entry fee) - EGP140
  • Aswan - Philae Temple - EGP180
  • Aswan - Philae Temple Sound & Light Show (Entry) - EGP150
  • Aswan - Unfinished Obelisk (entrance only) - EGP80

Meals Included

  • Breakfast